Adult Things

I found a new general practitioner!

This is great, because I normally take a long time to get to things like that, but one of the up(down?)sides to living in the same home as your mother is that things that formerly took a while to do (writing not included) get done.

(Although, for the last week, she’s been bugging me to see if I’ve finished my 3rd book yet. I haven’t.)

Anyway, it was a sort of a general visit (the webs don’t need to know all of my health issues), and as I was giving her my general health history, I started to tear up when we got on the topic of my much former, slimmer weight. We had a good discussion about some things I could do, but then I had a nasty reality check after a routine EKG, so to be safe they’ve also scheduled a follow-up Echocardiogram.

The good thing is, I’m young and I can take steps to un-wind the damage my last few years of unhealthy living have caused. Bad news is it will be a long salt-less, alchohol-less, dairly/cheese-less filled journey.

I definitely did not imagine having this conversation with my doctor at 32. It always seemed on the periphery of reality like a wedding or a baby or buying a house…one of those things that seemed slated to occur on the normal timeline of this thing we call life, but it’s not necessarily a sure thing.

Anyway, it happened. Nothing to do but move forward. I’m going to take advantage of all these delightful little green belts, put on some tennis shoes, and listen to Michel Buble and the Eagles and hope it all melts away.


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