Dashing Disaster(s)

I haven’t updated in some time, so to anyone who checks this regularly, I apologize.

So, what’s happened since February 6 and why have I been remiss in updating?

I’ll start with the heavy first and end on a lighter note. My father was born the last of 10 siblings. Everyone had kids. When I was growing up, that meant that there was around half of a decade where there was a wedding every year. Sometimes several weddings in a year.

Fourteen years later, we find ourselves going through a series of funerals. It’s heartbreaking to watch to watch as the siblings lose one more. They were all extraordinarily close, and given that my father is nearly twenty years younger than his next surviving sibling, for me, it was like growing up with extra grandparents. On February 11, we lost my aunt who was in hospice. Several days before that, my cousin and his wife lost their baby who had been born premature in December. It’s a tough time, not just to experience the feelings of loss, but to watch your loved ones who are still here suffer.

Okay, that’s as heavy as I plan on getting.

Since I’ve last updated, I also managed to nearly sever not one, but TWO, fingers using a mandolin while slicing bell peppers. My middle finger on my write hand (right hand, get it? 🙂 ) is the most eff’d up. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve cursed after bumping that finger into something, I could buy myself a new handbag…or dog!

Wait – I did buy a dog!

I know, I know. Trust me, I know.

But I felt bad for poor Theo, he needed to have some company, so on a whim one day, I called a local breeder and asked if she had any morkie pups. As luck would have it, she had one left, so we drove to Crosby, TX to go take a look. I brought Theo along because I wanted to see how they’d get along. In the car, the entire way, I waxed poetic to my brother about how I wouldn’t buy the dog if it didn’t get along with Theo because that was really important.

My brother tells me now, that flew out the window the second the puppy scampered onto the porch. I barely listened as I watched him, fascinated. I only heard pertinent things, like his shots were up to date, he seemed to have no issues, he was weaned…I only asked if his parents were okay and all of his littermates.

The entire time, the puppy ran in circles with another one of the breeder’s dogs and Theo, who was enjoying new smells. Theo didn’t growl or seem to mind the puppy, so in my head, that meant they got along. I then whipped out a wad of cash and cradled my new puppy as the breeder filled out paperwork and gave me his records. When we were trying to decide on a name, the breeder told us she’d been calling him Marko, but that didn’t seem to fit his personality.

We named him Dash.

I should have named him demon…or tazmanian devil. Two point eight pounds of delicate bones and fluffy fur, this puppy is a serious humper, biter, explorer, and general ball of mischief. His only saving grace is that he sleeps nearly 18 – 20 hours a day, and I’ve been crate training him and his potty training seems to be going well so far. But seriously – this dog has made me lose my breath on several occasions.

He disappears under the furniture, he likes to wind himself through the bottom interconnected part of the coffee table, squeeze himself behind couches, etc, etc. It’s like there are twenty of him because the nano-second I turn around, he’s somewhere else. The other day, I found him UPSTAIRS. He’s not even the height of a single step, and I didn’t think he could get up the stairs, but he managed it while I searched the entire downstairs of the house for him. Getting up is fine, but if he tried to get down, he’d end up breaking his skinny neck.

He licks everything off the floor, so I’m constantly cleaning because the tiles in our house get dusty fast. He wants to jump off of everything and is annoying as hell, especially to poor Theo, who just barely tolerates him, but…

It’s totally worth it.

This little miscreant has me wrapped around his tiny paw. So freaking cute, I can’t stand it. Here are some pictures:

theo3 dashcapri dash2

In case you’re wondering, those are both giraffes in the picture above. The yellow one on the left is his favorite thing to hump. It’s just a little hysterical.

And how’s the writing going?

The finger slicing was a perfect excuse, but I’m now back into the full swing of things. I have to finish this third manuscript, getting ready for the re-release of new versions for my first two books, and I’m eager to get started on something new once I wrap up this novella.


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